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330 MW

Solar farms with planning approval

250 MW

Solar farms under active development

Waddi Solar Farm

Waddi Solar

Ownership: Tilt Renewables
Capacity 80 MW
Status Planning approval granted
Location North-west of Dandaragan, Western Australia

Planning approval for the Waddi Solar Farm was issued by the Shire of Dandaragan in September 2016 for an 80 MW PV facility on an area of up to 150 hectares.

SA Solar Farm

SA solar

Ownership: WP Renewables Ltd
Capacity 200 MW +
Status Proposed
Location South Australia

Wind Prospect is developing this project on behalf of sister company WP Renewables Ltd.


Solar Dawn

Ownership: NASolar Dawn Capacioty  250 MW
Status No longer proceeding
Location South-west Queensland

After achieving planning approval and securing support from ARENA and the Queensland government, the Solar Dawn Consortium was unable to secure a PPA and was therefore unable to progress the 250 MW concentrated solar power (CSP) project to construction.